The Six Advantages of an Online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing strategies offer 6 key advantages – Cost Effectiveness, Flexibility, Direct Targeting, Trackability, Mutimedia Capability and Speed.

Are you getting the best value from your digital marketing? Are you capitalsing on the 6 key advantages that digital marketing offers?

So let’s look at the advantages.

Cost Effectiveness:

If your marketing and communication is heavily print based, you will be astonished at how much you can save by delivering some, or all, of your material using digital media. Maybe its time to put the 200 page catalogue online instead of printing 50,000 copies. Your customer can search for the information they want and download and print just what they need at the time. You get to save the print cost!


Markets constantly change and you need the flexibility to change response in line with the markets moods. You can’t call the catalogue back for a reprint but you can change the online version as soon as the new information is available.

Direct Targeting:

Unlike virtually every other medium, digital allows you to place a customised message in the email inbox of your target market. For example, you can send performance figures for each customer to let them know how they are going in the incentive program, or locality specific information to a consumer list. If you are really good at snail mail direct marketing you can achieve more or less the same outcome at about 3 times the cost.


One of the wonders of the digital age is that you can send an email with “click throughs” to your website and then tell exactly who visited the site and also what they looked at while they were there. Try that with any other marketing system.

Multimedia Capability:

Digital marketing allows you to bring all the components of a multimedia show to work in your marketing material. It’s much more than just an electronic version of a printed page. You can add audio, video, links to other information, downloadable data, interactive forms and more.


When the ability to respond to a changing market is critical, only digital marketing allows you almost instant response and delivery. You can have an idea of readership back within 24 hours. If the response data says the material needs tweaking, it can be reworked and resent, at low cost, in a few hours.

So if its time to review your digital marketing strategies, it’s a great time to talk to 318 Online. Our team of specialists can help you with every aspect of digital marketing. We can even explain it in jargon free language that you will be able to understand. Best of all we can show you how a good digital marketing plan can improve results and fit in your budget.

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