B2B Integrated Online Marketing Gives you Critical Marketing Intelligence

An integrated online marketing campaign can be used to add precise targeting, direct delivery and measurable response to almost every B2B marketing activity you undertake.

A Product Launch is a good example.

A product launch  is one of the most common B2B events. You want to present your new product to your customers, explain the benefits and encourage them to buy.

You have booked the venue and developed the presentation. Now its time for the invitations and that really tricky part of working out just who is going to come.

An email invitation with a link through to a custom web based RSVP form makes it easy.

  • Your invitation is delivered directly to the people you want to attend.
  • Responses are quick.
  • Valuable marketing information can be collected along the way.
  • Most importantly, you get a good indication of how many people will be attending which flows through into staffing and catering.
  • A follow up reminder email the day before the event keeps your event front of mind.
  • We can even SMS the attendees a couple of hours before the event as a final reminder.
  • A follow up email after the launch with a thank you or special offer is a nice touch.

The online program is fast, targeted, trackable and best of all cost effective.

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