Introducing Piapplications

Piapplications is a new way to manage the information in your business

Business Managers everywhere fight an unending battle to keep their product, pricing and marketing information up to date in today's fast changing world.

The speed at which products, prices and specifications change, means managing the information is almost impossible. As soon as you produce the new documentation its out of date!

Delivering the new information to staff and customers can be a logistics headache in its own right.

The Piapplications suite of products includes a new way to deliver:

  • Custom Price lists that are always up to date - no matter how often your products and prices change.
  • Technical Brochures that don't need to be redesigned every time a product number changes.
  • Consumer Brochures which incorporate you latest graphic design
  • Catalogues where new products can be quickly and easily included where you want
  • Online Training for staff, customers or consumers that is simple to build and largely self managing.
  • Market Research that can be built in minutes and deployed immediately with built in analytics and reports
  • Promotion and Event Management that can be set up quickly for any sized promotion


The Piapplications system is designed to be simple to use and has the flexibility you need to manage information flow throughout your business.

The Piapplications suite of products allows you to manage the change with ease.

It allows you to keep the price lists, technical data sheets and consumer brochures continually up to date. It also allows you to deliver the changed information easily to your customer base and importantly your sales team.

Our Online training system allows you to develop product training for sales staff, customers and consumers quickly and efficiently that helps to keep staff and customers up to date with the changes.

Piapplications modules are designed to be managed "In House" by staff without extensive knowledge of web programming. Our packages are specifically intended to give the power to produce documents like price lists and technical brochures back to the Sales and Product Managers.

Piapplications are designed to be used as stand alone modules, linked together or integrated with your enterprise software.

Piapplications is a joint venture between 318 Online and Web Developer Peter Cottrell

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Is slow broadband costing you $$$ in lost productivity and driving your staff insane?
From a business perspective there is really only one serious reason for having superfast broadband and that is Productivity!

A new way to manage information in your business

Business Managers everywhere fight an unending battle to keep their product, pricing and marketing information up to date in today's fast changing world.

Piapplications takes the pain out of price lists, brochures, training and more

Your website is probably the most visible face of your business to your market. In the same way your market does not stay static for 2-3 years neither should your website. There are many specific reasons why you should redo a website, but all of them ultimately come down to marketing strategy.

Vet and Pet Distributor VCA has been using online training since 2010.

VCA recently upgraded their online training system to the latest Piapplications modular version to increase flexibility and reduce production overheads

Earlier this year 318 Online became a Kentico Gold Certified Partner. Gold Certified Partner status indicates a combination of significant Kentico experience with certified developer qualifications.