About Us


318 Online evolved out of the 318 Advertising online department. The decision to create 318 Online was a recognition of the rapid growth in online marketing.
By creating 318 Online as a separate entity it allowed a more focused and better resourced online marketing operation. The team at 318 Online would like to thank John Murphy - Managing Director of 318 Advertising for his encouragement and generous support.


Online is effectively a whole new marketing medium, one that incorporates much of Print, Radio, TV, and Direct. In most western economies, more money is being spent on online advertising than TV and this has been the case for several years. Online is not a total replacement for other marketing media. It is however, now an essential component of every marketing plan.

A key element of 318 Online's approach to marketing is ensuring that all of the elements work together seemlessly and that the total online programe integrates with your overall marketing program.


318 Online - Integrated Online Solutions