318 Online does Web Design and Development, Copy Writing, Photography, Video Production, EDM Strategy + Delivery and Online Training Content Development.

Web is a truly multimedia publishing platform. It used to be popular to call the media intersection in the web world "New Media". Its not the media that is "new". It is the mindset of how to use the amazing array of possibilities that web presents. For over 20 years we have been building websites with a rich mix of custom content.

We happily work with businesses, brands or organisations of any size, from micro businesses to global multinationals.

Our years of experience have built up a huge network of very capable people across the entire spectrum of web / cloud work. Apart from our own in house skills we have access to some of the best designers, developers, photographers and copywriters in the country. In particular our relationship with sister company Piapplications leads to the world of large scale web apps, corporate scale websites, information management systems and native code mobile apps.


Our Services

Web Design and Development

318 Online builds websites for businesses and organisations from one man bands to global multinationals.


318Online believes that strong images are a key component of a successful website. We deliver original photography of products, people, buildings and processes specifically to suit the style of your business and your website.

Copy Writing

318Online uses a team of highly experienced copywriters to give a strong voice to your website. We write short and long copy for web. Anything from simple web page content to web Magazines to training and how to manuals for your web assetts.

Video Production

Video production can add another dimension to your website. Video is ideal for training and product description. It can also be a very strong Brand statement. 318Online full video production service including concept, storyboard, videography, sound editing and motion graphics.

Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM)

EDM is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. Targeted email marketing is an exceptional tool in that it provides accurate targeting combined with real time metrics. 318 Online can design the strategy, write the email copy, build the email deliver it and provide ongoing campaign reporting.

Online Training Content Production

318 Online has been building training and "How To" content specifically for wb use for more than 10 years. Online training content is excellent marketing and 318Online can produce text , LMS content and questions or video to help you educate your Staff, Your Customers or your customers customers. Historically we have produced content in English, Spanish and Canadian French.