Online Newsletters and Magazines Really Work

Online newsletters or magazines are one of the best ways to get your extended marketing message to your customers

Online newsletters which combine email and custom web pages allow you to present a range of topics in an easy to read email and the detailed story a single click away online. Emails go directly to the recipients in box. Tracking tags allow you to see which customers are interested in what content.

One of the great things you get from this type of communication is a real idea of how many customers are seeing your message and which ones are reading the deatailed message. Try that with a printed newsletter

The other thing we have found is readership rates are much higher than you would expect with a printed newsletter. Conventional wisdom is 10% readership of a printed newsletter is excellent. We regularly achieve between 20% and 30% of recipients actually reading one or more of the long stories. Typically over 65% at least view the email.

The distinction between an online newsletter and an online magazine is based on the story length. Newsletters have short stories up to say 250 words. Online magazines have stories over 500 words and often much longer.

Web based online newsletters and magazines also allow you to ad downloads and rich media content like video or interactive flash to the story again something impossible in a print publication

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